Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Election

So I am kinda into it this year... Hillary v. Obama- Obama v. Hillary.. Who to go for? Will they hook up? A stolen smootch behind the curtains at the debate? So as I ask around I get the usual political thoughts & opinions- 'Hillary's voice is like nails on chalkboard', 'Hillary is the establishment' & part of the 'Clinton machine'. She is 'man-like'. 'Hillary-care' & she 'wants it too bad'. 'That kind of experience we dont need' & 'she only kept her husband to get to the presidency'. She doesnt 'wash' or 'use utensils'. Her love of hot peppers is just a little sexy...

Re: Obama- 'He just speaks to me, 'Obama is incredible', there is 'something about this guy', 'Washington experience is just what we dont need'. 'Obama is about change-change-change', 'Obama inspires me & does my hair. He rubs my ankles and holds my head when I am vomiting....' 'He shares is love of small farm animals..' Wait- that was W. Can anyone just TELL ME THEIR OPINION BASED ON THE ACTUAL ISSUES? PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS????? How bout what they have done or not done for their state or districts! Why is my home town of Buffalo, NY not on the forefront of the conversation? This is the largest town (next to NYC) in her state and its economically depressed. What is her record specifically in the State of NY? My cousins, all Buffalonians, hate her, however they are (R)'s &, as we all know, (R's) lack common sense and just vote for whomever the (R) is at the moment. They sent me this as her major accomplishment..

I recently went and saw Bill C. speak. He, as always, had us all captivated. He spoke for a full hour & hit all the typical political subjects then went beyond the platitudes- He gave step by step points on how each plan was to be accomplished. The meat AND the potatoes. I actually grabbed a sign on my way out to put on my front lawn. There was a guy on Bill Maher the other night who did an objective analysis of both Hillary's plan and one of Obama's plan who said that Her plan was much more fiscally conservative. I have heard Obama is as good if not better. A woman who sat next to me had seen Obama the prev. night and, while she was a bit 'off', she said Obama wasnt nearly as strong with the actual how's of how he will make things happen.

My general concern is that there is a lack of history (not necessarily experience) to judge him by. Being a great speaker [or having a great speech writer] doesnt earn you the right to the highest office in the land. Further, his speeches speak in broad terms with lots of inspirational tidbits that people are simply longing to hear. He is a cold drink on a hot day (got that from writers school). Having seen Bill speak and still camping in the Billary KOA, it was time to check out Barack so I read a few speeches then actually printed out his 'Plan for America'. 59 pages! Of course I did this at work where all good Americans print the heavy stuff. I read what I was interested in knowing- Washington, Iraq, etc. This document actually had me captivated. If you read just the page on reforming Washington you will quickly think that this may be the guy.... Just as I got swept up in it and started dialing the Pope to discuss sainthood I also found this (from Hillary's website)

I disagree with Obama on Iraq and his hope for the Bears & applaud Hillary and McCain for saying we have to stay and clean up our mess. That's the high road and flies in the face of what people want to hear. Gutsy.

So off to the primary I went. I asked my wife before I went if I should vote with my head or my heart. She said since I lacked both go with my gut. So I voted for the guy. I have no idea how we will pay for universal health care and cant imagine the bureaucratic mess that will be but I am guessing rescinding the 7% bump we just budgeted for in defense spending and the reduction of the tax breaks to Exxon will be a good place to start. The candidate I will always wait for is the one that will tackle the really tough issues- gun control and entitlement spending. I wish we had one that had the cahones to legislate for the banning of handguns in America and free massages. This one should be fun. Off to my sandbox. To really enjoy the whole thing watch The Daily Show!


Tina said...

Congrats on your first post! Although, we disagree on the candidate, we are in agreement that people do not vote on issues rather, how they personally feel about the candidates.

This concerns me as that's how we ended up in our current predicament.

Lono said...

Interesting points. I will tell you why the candidates (especially the Dems) don't discuss specifics about anything, and it isn't just because Americans are dumb. The majority of people polled said that they will vote not on issues but on character.

So, they are working to be likeable because that is what the American people have demanded.

that being said, let's talk issues. Barack Obama has HUGE ears. Frankly, it is a concern.

Sprueills said...

Welcome to the blog world. The more friends I have starting their own blogs, the less time I have to post on my own! Which is okay, I enjoy reading about friends and their lives more than writing about mine.
Leaving my issue-views aside, I agree about looks but so many Americans consider that and only that. Yes, our current President is a perfect example. 'The candidate most Americans would drink a beer with'
Maybe Americans think they know Mrs. Clinton because of her history so they are left only with personal comments?
Consideration: If Billary wins, it will make the sixth term either a Bush or Clinton controlled the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

come on Sprueill! Dont leave em aside sister! Bring it!

the author

Anonymous said...

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